Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fantasy Baseball Podcast - Catchers 2013

The “Dear Mr. Fantasy” podcast has returned for its first show of 2013. Chris McBrien and the Fantasy Doctor are joined by Eno Sarris from Fangraphs as they preview fantasy baseball catchers for 2013.

The guys play "Who'd You Rather?" where they pick between players for listeners based on tweets, emails and Facebook posts.

Fantasy Baseball Website of the Week is Pro Player Status.

Fantasy Baseball Sleeper and rookie Catchers 2013 are discussed and analyzed.

Chris mentions a new segment which will debut on March 4th called "Fantasy Judgment". Listeners can email or tweet their league disputes and the guys will get the folks at Fantasy Judgment to render a decision on the matter.

As always, the guys respond to emails and tweets dealing with a variety of feedback for the show in the process.

To listen to the show, you can easily follow any of the following links:

ß   Click here to listen live from the podcast website.

ß Click here to download from iTunes

ß Click here to listen on Stitcher Radio.

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