Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Promote Your Baseball Website, Blog or Podcast for Free

Looking to promote your baseball blog or website? Let us help you! The "Dear Mr. Fantasy" podcast is returning on February 4th and we would once again like to extend an invitation for you to promote your blog on the show. It's something we have provided for baseball bloggers and websites in the past and would like to do so once again.

If you are interested in running a free commercial for your blog on the show, feel free to email an MP3 file (and a brief description of your site) to:


Or if you prefer, we are more than willing to record and edit your commercial for you. Send us an email and we can easily set up an audio Skype call where we will record the promo for you.

It's a great chance to get the word out about your work and reach a new audience.

Furthermore, if you are interested in coming on the show as a guest and talking fantasy baseball, let us know. We'd love to discuss the opportunity of having you join us sometime. It is a chance to bring your knowledge of the sport to the format and a further chance to promote your website. Best of all, it's a lot of fun!

If you would like hear a sample of the show, you can listen in to our last podcast of 2012 (with our guest, Jason Collette) here:

Podcast Episode October 8, 2012

Looking forward to another great year of baseball (and baseball blogging)!

Chris and the Doctor


  1. I am working on putting together a commercial (thank Fiverr!) I will have it to you shortly!!

  2. Sounds great! We look forward to receiving your promo!