Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Out in Left Field: Options for Your Fantasy Baseball Team

If you are involved in the type of league that requires your fantasy baseball outfielders to occupy particular positions, it makes a big difference when scouting the waiver wire and trying to determine trade possibilities. For example, some fantasy baseball leagues simply require you to have 3 outfielders. However, other leagues are a little more specific and require you to roster a team consisting of one each of a left fielder, center fielder and right fielder. Needless to say, that can make things a little more complicated.

Fear not, the state of left field is an interesting one and one that we will examine today. There are players on the rise, some on the down slope and others to analyze for a variety of reasons.

If you are looking for a player who qualifies as a fantasy baseball left fielder, based upon games played last season, who is also eligible at other positions, you might want to consider Brennan Boesch (LF, RF), Aubrey Huff (LF, 1B), Michael Morse (LF, 1B), Seth Smith (LF, RF), Howard Kendrick (LF, 2B) or Ryan Roberts (LF, 3B). Of course some of these players are eligible for the

Some left fielders can be considered elite and should be owned (or acquired via trade) in every fantasy baseball league. The elite LF players include Ryan Braun, Matt Holliday, Carlos Gonzalez and Josh Hamilton. If you need help at the LF position, do what you can to get one of these fantasy baseball stud players to shore up the spot.

If you are looking to target players who started the year very poorly (possibly due to injury) but may be good second half bounce back candidates, consider Carl Crawford, Martin Prado, Vernon Wells and Jason Bay. All have delivered in the past and all are capable of delivering again in the future.

If over-achievers are what you are looking for, there are several who qualify at the position such as Lance Berkman, Boesch, Melky Cabrera, Matt Joyce and Johnny Damon. All of these players have displayed much better than average statistics (by their standards). This of course brings the risk of statistical second half decline. If you are a gambler however, go all in.

If your league requires 20 games played at a new position in order to qualify to be slotted into your line up, there are a few candidates to keep an eye on. These players are nearing the 20 games played mark at left field in 2011: Juan Rivera (18 GP), Jason Bourgeois (18 GP), Marcus Thames (17 GP), Nelson Cruz (16 GP), Bobby Abreu (15 GP) and Charlie Blackmon (14 GP).

Whatever your needs, there are many options in the 2011 season as we approach the second half to ensure that your fantasy baseball team isn’t stuck out in left field.


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